The new image of My Oes Tsetnoc blog

The new image of My Oes Tsetnoc blog

Friday, September 18, 2009 | Tags: ,
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Reconstructing the template of my Oes Tsetnoc blog is not easy for me because it's my first time to do it on my own which i'm trying to make it good looking to me and my visitors. I spent a lot of hours reconstructing this blog and editing some code inside my template. I also added blogger gadgets like the twitter updates, recent posts, share it button,  live traffic feed an also the JS-Kit comment plugins. Thanks to blog catalog for the JS-Kit plugins. I like my old template but my friend told me to change to make it good looking and attract visitors. I think it is also a good idea to change it and as i have said it's my first to make good looking blog. Do you think it's good?..just comment your opinion and i will accept it for whatever the feedback. Maybe good or not..Just keep in touch always with my oes tsetnoc blog. Have a nice weekend.:)

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3 Responses to The new image of My Oes Tsetnoc blog

  1. Kristi Says:
  2. Nice new layout! It's looking good! :)

    ~ Kristi

  3. Kristi Says:
  4. Nice new layout! It's looking good! :)

    ~ Kristi

  5. Hicham Says:
  6. I recall tweaking my blogger templates few years ago when I used it before moving to my self-hosted WordPress. It's pretty exciting to place a customization for your template. It's looking good however my only note for your footer is to change the copyright year: we are in 2009 ;)


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