Oes tsetnoc - First problem occurred

Oes tsetnoc - First problem occurred

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 | Tags: ,
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oes tsetnocAs I have said in the title "problem occurred", my oes tsetnoc entry for this seo contest got a problem since the first day it was indexed in google. My blogspot entry "oes-tsetnoc1.blogspot.com" which is in the www version right now is my problem. Since it is in blogspot , I can’t perform the url canonicalization. All of my post indexed in non-www version while the main page is in www version. I also read the seo advice about url canonicalization of matt cutts read it here. I just also want to here some opinions to all the seo experts that are joining in this world seo contest 2009 with the key phrase of “oes tsetnoc”. I know they can help me regarding this problem.

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5 Responses to Oes tsetnoc - First problem occurred

  1. Kristi Says:
  2. There is a snippet of code you can add to your HTML template / layout:


    Hopefully this works!

  3. Guest Says:
  4. @kristi

    thanks..you always helping me..by the way my main page..which is in the www version now is not appearing and is not indexed..

  5. Hey buddy,

    Another thing that can help push Google in the right direction is to get a little bit of inbound link love, ensuring that the hyperlink used is 'www.' - the more Google sees of a certain patter, will also help it make up its mind when ranking pages! :)


  6. PS; comment on any of my posts @ http://www.oes-tsetnoc.com and I will approve them and hopefully help you a little further! :)

  7. Guest Says:
  8. @himynameisJohn

    I am using non-www version of my entry to optimize and i sent a reconsideration request to google. i'll comment also in your blog..:)


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